Linear programming 1 PDF
Linear programming 2 PDF


Number Date Topics Presentation
1 Eulerian cycles and paths PPT PDF
2 Bipartite graphs and BFS PPT PDF
3 DFS, SCCs, and bi-connectivity PPT PDF
4 MST's, Prim and Kruskal PPT PDF
5 Bellman Ford PPT PDF
6 Dijkstra PPT PDF
7 All pairs shortest paths PPT PDF
8 Flow, Menger's Theorem, Connectivity PPT PDF
9 Flow II, Matching, k-Connectivity PPT PDF
10 Flow III, Hall's Theorem PPT PDF
11 Linear Programming 1 PPT PDF
12 Linear Programming 2 PPT PDF
13 Dynamic programming PPT PDF
14 Dynamic programming 2 PPT

The PDF files are here to overcome Powerpoint issues. They are not recommended, as the animations (which only work in Powerpoint) are usually a major part of the presentation.

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