Linear programming example + pseudocode: PPT


Number Date Topics Presentation
1 Eulerian cycles and paths PPT
2 Bipartite graphs and BFS PPT
3 DFS, SCCs, and bi-connectivity PPT
4 MST's, Prim and Kruskal PPT PDF
5 Dijkstra PPT PDF
6 Bellman Ford PPT PDF
7 All pairs shortest paths PPT PDF
8 Dynamic programming PPT PDF
9 Linear Programming 1 PPT
10 Linear Programming 2 + Flow PPT
11 Flow, Menger's Theorem, Connectivity PPT PDF
12 Flow II, Matching, k-Connectivity PPT PDF
13 Flow III, Hall's Theorem PPT PDF

The PDF files are here to overcome Powerpoint issues. They are not recommended, as the animations (which only work in Powerpoint) are usually a major part of the presentation.

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