You must do the homework on your own.

Gradescope Submission Instructions - Read Carefully

The submission is via gradescope.com platform only.gradescope_icon.png
(If you did not receive an invitation by email, approach the staff from your university mail only.)
  • When submitting, you must mark in what pages each question is contained.
  • Be sure to NOT only mark the first page in which a question starts, but rather MARK ALL THE PAGES if a question is contained in more than one page.
  • Homework may be scanned or typed - but you must submit a single pdf file.
  • Open the file before submitting to make sure it's readable.
  • The submission must not be sloppy.
  • If you submit correctly, you gain 4 points for that. If you don't, you lose 6 points.
  • The HW grade and feedback will be returned on gradescope.


  • On rare cases the staff will authorize a limited extension (attach "ishur" from the doctor/army to the request on cases of miluim/illness).
  • You may submit the exercise late without authorization, and 5% will be taken off for every day (or part of a day, measured from 12:00) that you are late.
  • Any personal requests regarding the homework must be done via the Personal Requests Forum only.


All HW assignments consist of 8 questions. The grade of each assignment is the average grade of the best 7 answers, and 4-6 points for submission according to the directions.

The Graders' Remarks & Tips

These are the remarks of our (experienced) checkers, for you to read. PDF


All deadlines are 12:00 (noon) of the due date.

Number Due Exercise File Common Mistakes
1 March 20 PDF PDF
2 April 4 PDF
3 May 2 PDF PDF
4 May 16 PDF PDF
5 May 30 PDF
6 June 25 PDF PDF



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