Home assignments should be submitted to mailbox 02 on Schreiber's ground floor (next to labs 004 and 005).
Please make sure to save a copy of the assignment in case it gets lost!


If you would like an extension for the homework, you can have an automatic extension of 4 days (96 hours), without asking the course instructors (except for hw6, for which there are no extensions). An additional extension will only be given in case of miluim or sickness over 4 days long. There will be no exceptions.
You may submit the exercise late if you don't make the second deadline, and 5% will be taken off for every day (or part of a day, measured from 12:00) that you are late. If you submit late, please write the date and time of the submission clearly on your homework. If you falsify the submission time and are caught, you will be given 0 for all of the homeworks.


All exercises will consist of 8 questions. The final grade for the exercise will be the average of the best 7 answers.


All deadlines are 12:00 (noon) of the due date. This includes extensions.

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General Clarifications

Unless stated otherwise (or obvious from the context), the graphs are simple and are represented using adjacency lists (not using an adjacency matrix).

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