Tel-Aviv University
School of Computer Science
Spring Semester 2016


כדי לכתוב כמו שצריך בעברית with english inline בפורום (בצד הנכון) יש לעשות זאת כך:

[ [div style="direction:rtl;"] ]


[ [/div] ]

(בלי רווחים בין הסוגריים המרובעות)


  • Solutions to the homeworks are now posted in "Exercises"
  • There won't be makeup class on Sunday 3/4/2016, Monday 4/4/2016
  • The final grade was calculated as follows:

Grade of each question is a number from 0 to 20
Exam's grade = 90/80 times sum of best 4 questions plus 1/2 times grade of fifth question.
Exercise grade is average of best 5 exercises (among 6)
Final grade is max of Exam's grade and (0.9 exam's grade + 0.1 exer. grade)
54-60 upgraded to 60

Final grade rounded to nearest integer

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